Women’s and Children’s Health

The Women’s and Children’s Health service features superior medical care with a family-centered focus. Known for its superb nursing care and highly satisfying patient experience, Holy Name’s beautifully-designed BirthPlace is equipped to address emergencies with round-the-clock anesthesia coverage and a Level II Special Care Nursery. The unit is staffed by specialized mother-baby nurses, and Board-certified obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists and high-risk specialists are available 24/7. The service offers a comprehensive parent education and support program, including a direct hotline access for new parents with infant health concerns. The Maternal/Fetal Medicine program specializes in early, safe and accurate prenatal screening and care for couples who have difficulty conceiving or carrying to term, and those concerned about genetic disorders.

For more information, call the Korean Medical Program 201-833-3399.