Since 1925, Holy Name Medical Center has become a comprehensive medical center that is widely recognized not only for its clinical and technological excellence but also for its caring environment based on compassion and respect for each patient. The Korean Medical Program, which was established five years ago, is the leading example of the Medical Center’s commitment to meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse community.The KMP ensures that programs and services are provided by staff members who understand and respect the culture and linguistic needs of our Korean-American patients. The KMP network of physicians, including many of the finest Korean-American specialists in the New York metropolitan region, enables Holy Name Medical Center to provide to the Korean community of the greater New York and New Jersey area, the highest quality health care in a compassionate, caring and culturally sensitive environment.Thank you for choosing the Korean Medical Program at Holy Name Medical Center. We look forward to bringing you health care excellence for many years to come.
Thank you.

Michael Maron
President / CEO
Holy Name Medical Center

The Korean Medical Program strives to eliminate problems caused by cultural and language barriers and to improve the quality of services provided by Holy Name Medical Center. This multi-faceted program offers various services that allow for a more personal approach to health care excellence. With over 80 outstanding Korean physicians on staff and Korean-speaking representatives available for information and translation, the program enhances the patient experience. Members of the community can also utilize the free community shuttle van service for transportation. Inpatients can enjoy the benefits of a Korean hospital setting with Korean television channels, newspapers, and magazines at their disposal. Korean menu selections such as MeeYeok-Gook (seaweed soup) can also improve the overall experience, especially for postpartum patients. The program also actively offers outreach initiatives such as free screenings and community events. Thanks to all the continued interest and support, the Korean Medical Program has seen remarkable progress since its launch in December 2007 and will continue to strive towards greater health care excellence.

Kyung Hee Choi
Vice President
Asian Health Services
Holy Name Medical Center